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Taxes are surely one of the most complicated pieces of federal and state documentation that needs to be disclosed during the year. Both individuals, if you’re self-employed, and small businesses can find unwelcome surprises, rises and charges that they didn’t expect at the end of the year. Such a thing does indeed happen often, because for people who are not versed in the jargon of bureaucracy, navigating this ever-changing pool of information is pretty much impossible to get right on a first try. Using a product like H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State can help.

Due to the nature of our Union, there are both federal and state taxes to pay, and depending on how many employees you happen to have under you, there are obligatory contributions to be issued towards them etc., etc. and if you do all this maneuvering all at once, the financial strain of it is just bound to catch you unprepared. Of course, as an employer, looking after the well-being of whoever relies on you is both an obligation and a duty. But you should also make sure that your tax returns are as simple to read as possible, and that they are spent in the most useful way possible.

A clear view of both federal and state taxes when you need them:

Which is why H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2017 has been designed with a clear interface and simplicity in mind. Interestingly, compared to other solutions of this kind it is regularly updated, and individualized chat support comes as part of the package. In case you want to discuss your eligibility for a federal extension. Or a refund, which the H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2017 aims towards making you eligible for, and then, when purchased from Amazon.com, gives you a simple option to convert any gained tax returns into Amazon gift cards as well, which you can spend on practically any product on offer there.

Personalized help with a human touch:

In case that your personal situation with regards to taxes is somehow unusual, for example that you wish to pay a joint tax return with a partner that does not live in the same household. Or maybe you hire external contributors to work with you for a period of less than one whole year, advice is then given in real-time, and the H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2017 software stays useful either way.

Of course, step number one towards easier tax returns is to pick a state in the federal union where small business taxes are the lowest, but also where the state and local government is the most transparent about how those taxes are then being spent.

This can be hard to research with precise accuracy on your own, but thankfully the above mentioned live audit experts, available literally at your fingertips during the day, are sure to have dealt with this issue in the past to certain extent, and can already offer you the answer from experience, but of course, you must not feel like asking them is the last resort. If you’re stuck, ask for help! Remember, that is what these people are there for after all.

Simple, matter-of-fact questions, no jargon:

And yet, getting stuck was never my problem when using H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2017 to begin with. To be clear, the software calls on you to import any tax returns that you may have filled electronically the previous year. Provided that you have in fact labored with filling electronic forms and tables in the past, you may choose this import option, and then the whole tax return thing is just a matter of editing numerical values to reflect the current year’s situation.

But even if you skip the importing process altogether and focus on just creating a new tax return from scratch, the H&R Block Tax Software package will immediately ask you to specify whether you wish to fill a personal tax return, or a business tax return, and it just is a matter of clicking the right check boxes, and then hitting the ‘Next’ button on each screen, to get your tax return all filled in, and either signed electronically, or just printed for you to sign manually and email by post if you prefer the old school way.

The point is that I never felt like the program didn’t have an option for me, this way or that, to just significantly speed up the unpleasant bureaucratic process at hand. Then of course traditionally there would be this whole business of orienting yourself among all the names of individual forms, and the problem of interlinked compatibility between this type of form and the other.

Well, H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe does not even burden you with the names of the forms that you have to fill, it does not ask of you any of the abbreviations under which the forms are referred to. It does not ask you any of the jargon, but only provides options in clear English, disregards whatever is not relevant for your situation so that you don’t have to flip back and forth on the form like you would with the printed tax return mailed to you by IRS. H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2016 gives you the correct form, with relevant formatting and labels at the very end.

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