Tax Filing Deadline Approaches, Get Free Tax Filing Turbotax

IRS Free File (Free Tax Filing)
H&R Block Free For All

IRS Free File (Free Tax Filing TurboTax) is available to most tax filers as everyone gets ready to file for the April 17th deadline this year. You can access the free tax filing Turbotax software on the site or through the IRS2Go phone app. Android and iOS versions are available in the appropriate app stores from the providers.

IRS Free File (Free Tax Filing Turbotax)
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IRS Free File gives you the option to use fill-able forms or software developed by the leading software companies like TurboTax and H&R Block. All twelve companies that are a part of the program offer specials for you. Specials are based on your state of residence, age and income. Use the Lookup tool to compare the different offers. State returns often cost a little bit more, but a few of the companies offer free state tax returns.

H&R Block Filing

Military personnel also get special offers and the software is great at getting your tax information in easy step-by-step questions that make completing a return and filing simple. Shouldn’t take much time at all unless you have additional complexities.

If you are a family or an individual with adjusted gross income less than $66,000, you are eligible for IRS free filing. Fil-able Forms can be used by anyone in any income bracket but they can take more time and require additional knowledge. The question and answer method provided by the software applications are the best for almost everyone.

You can prepare your taxes and file them at any time with the options discussed here. Just remember if you owe the IRS this year, you need to setup payments prior to the tax deadline of April 17th. If you cannot complete your return prior to the end of tax season, file an extension with Free File for an extra 6 months. Your new deadline will be October 15th.

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