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H&R Block Premium tax software is a platform that provides an elaborate tax filing system for individuals, businesses and organizations. With secure data technology and audit support, the software can help one prepare both state and federal taxes with confidence. H and H Block can help individuals find and submit the correct forms, enter appropriate deductions and make accurate calculations based on the tax information fed into the system. In essence, this software allows users to get the biggest tax returns and/or file their taxes online from home.

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Which Version Of H&R Block Software Is Right for Individuals and Businesses?

Tax preparation processes usually vary depending on one’s income and employment. For instance, Basic H&R Tax software is used by those who need to submit W-2 forms with one or two deductions. Those investing in home ownership, selling stocks or making charitable donations can make use of the Deluxe version of the software. Rental property owners and business corporations can use Premium and Premium & Business H&R Block Tax software respectively.

H&R Premium Tax Software Features

The Premium tax software from H&R Block comes with plenty of features that will help every tax payer beat any tax filing challenge. It provides an ideal tax filing platform for self-employed, rental property owners, landlords, independent contractors, freelancers and more.

The Premium software comes with the following features:

  • -Self-income income (Schedule C)
  • -Rental Property (Schedule E)
  • -Cost Basis Tax Calculations
  • -Refund Reveal
  • -Free import

Benefits of H&R Tax Premium Software 

H&R Block Premium 2017 software comes with features that help users submit correct tax information. The software can update the previous years’ tax information with a few clicks, which minimizes the hassle of looking for older data. It also comes with a step-by-step guide on filling the necessary forms, thus ensuring only the correct information is entered. In addition, H&R Premium tax software verifies all income information entered prior to submission, which minimizes the chances of getting audits.

Other key benefits of the H&R Block Premium software include:

  • -Maximizes deductions on every user based on the current tax laws
  • -Simple and straightforward procedure for filling state and federal taxes
  • -Quick imports of W-2 and 1099 forms plus previous years tax returns
  • -Provides guidance on maximizing real estate tax deductions and mortgage interests
  • -Rental property income and expenses guidance (Schedule E
  • -The software’s Deduction Pro values and then optimizes all charitable donations

Advice and Guarantees from H&R Block Professionals 

In order to eliminate mistakes during the tax filing process, H&R Block provides free professional advice for both its regular and first-time users. This expert advice is usually available on the tax software downloaded, on H&R Block company website or can be obtained by calling them via phone. There’s also audit assistance for those who use premium and other versions of the software to file. In addition, the company assists in tax preparations, manages correspondence and represents the user in case of an audit after using their software. And to ensure the users enjoy peace of mind, the company promises refund and accuracy guarantees on all software versions provided.

About H&R Tax Premium Discount Options

With H&R Block Tax software discount coupons, users can enjoy purchasing premium software at reduced prices. H&R Block are always dedicated to ensuring individuals and businesses submit their tax returns on time and with minimal hassle. Currently, there are plenty of discounts and deals from Hrblock.com that can allow one to download software at the lowest possible price.

Majority of the available printable coupons allow buyers to enjoy a certain percentage off Tax prep Software and other H&R Block online products. One can also enjoy free federal and state filing deal for a limited time, percentage off online tax filing and super deals for office tax preparation for new clients.

Other popular H&R discounts and deals include the following:

  • -Free Gifts and gift cards when signing up
  • -Free federal e-files
  • -A percentage off previous year’s tax preparation for first person
  • -Free filing for first-time users
  • -Free online tax filing and advice
  • -Exclusive free online tax Preparation
  • -Free consultation for small and medium businesses
  • -Mobile tax apps, free on some mobile devices


Using the H&R Block Tax Software makes the process of filing tax returns with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Federal authorities easier. Users can choose to use either paper or electronic means to make the filing. Premium package particularly provides individuals and organizations to itemize deductions and enjoy reporting assistance from investments or stock options. The H&R Block software is available online for download. And for reduced prices, buyers should check on the available discount coupons and deals from hrblock.com.

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